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# GMP_PRARA Mathilde project
***Leonard Herault & Adrien Mazuel***
......@@ -14,8 +13,6 @@ We provide in this repository the snakemake workflow ( and its conf
It is build mainly on R scripts with [Seurat v4]( for the sample integration and the clustering of the cells. The ATAC cell sample are treated with [Signac]( It uses [pySCENIC]( command line tools for the SCENIC part of the workflow.
See the material and method section of our manuscript for more details.
The final step of the workflow produce an html report with the figure shown in our publication.
Our html produced from this [Rmarkdown file](report/final_report.Rmd) can be download [here](report/our_final_report.html) and view in a html browser.
## Installation
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